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About Mast's Top Choice Roofing | Jefferson, Ohio

We at Mast's Top Choice Roofing endeavor to transfer the advantages of this seamless solutions to our customers. For most of your roofing woes, a quality foam system may be the best solution. We are a team of fully licensed, factory trained and insured professionals who undertake what is required to restore and repair your roof. Back in 1977, Conklin formulated acrylic roofing coatings, which offer superior protection against the elements and provide substantial energy efficiency. Conklin roof systems have been applied to more than 2 billion square feet. No roof is too big for us; professionals at Mast's Top Choice Roofing have the capacity to undertake all magnitude of solution requirements. We believe that  'Your Top Choice For Choice Of The Top' should be best, us.


Conklin Roof Installation Team


Cleveland | Akron | Canton | Youngstown | Jefferson | Ashtabula | Geneva | Madison | Painesville | Mentor | Willoughby | Orwell | Middlefield | Greenville | Conneaut | Conneaut Lake | ...and surrounding areas


Erie | Jamestown | Meadville | Pittsburgh | Cranberry | Butler | Wexford | New Castle | Sharon | Mercer | ...and surrounding areas


  • Quality | Conklin Roofing Systems are known for Quality and the strongest leak proof warranties in the industry.
  • Sustainability | a properly installed Conklin Roofing System can be cleaned and re-coated giving the Building owner a roof that can potentially never wear out.
  • Green | Our roofing systems are highly reflective and will save up to 30% in cooling costs, potentially paying for the roof in energy saving in 5 to 8 years, long before the leak-proof warranty expires!
  • Insulating Factor | A quality foam roof also has a great energy efficiency saving, year-round with cooling and heating costs. Again 5 to 8 years of energy savings potential, pays for the roof, after which we expect another decade of roof life.

Conklin Roof Pressure Washing


  • The roof is pressure washed to remove all dirt and debris
  • Metal Ready Primer applied over rusty areas, ALL fasteners caulked and all seams taped with reinforced fabric
  • Base Coat is applied over taped areas
  • Final protective finish coat is applied

Why choose us?

Greatly reduce energy loss, Avoid excess land fill costs
Avoid factory down town, Low Cost renewable system
Class A fire rating, Complete seamless system

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