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Conklin's fabric reinforced roofing systems are an acrylic coated, flexible fabric that is lightweight, rot and split resistant. The reflective nature of the material reduces energy costs while allowing the roof to be maintenance free, extending roof life.

Spray Polyurethane Foam is an extensive application that waterproofs your roofing. By regulating water movement and air filtration, this system will greatly reduce your energy costs and extend the life of your roof with easy repairs.

Instead of replacing your metal roof, Conklin's MR System® allows us to repair and seal the existing roof in a waterproof and rust resistant coating. The reflective the nature of the coating reduces energy costs.

These elastomeric coatings are applied to existing approved membranes. The application waterproofs your roof, extends the life and reduces energy costs. By not replacing your roof, you will have a green impact on the environment.

Single ply membranes are rolled out and welded together to seal and waterproof the roof, reducing energy costs. This quality material allows for exceptional protection from any weather or element while providing fire and chemical resistance.

Conklin Roof Light Reflection Comparison

PUMA XL is the latest innovation in the PUMA family of products. This extraordinary coating combines the advanced technology of PUMA with exceptional versatility, because it can be applied over a variety of substrates. It dries faster than other two-coat systems, and will carry an 18-year warranty, because of its outstanding tensile strength.

Flexion is one of the options we offer for Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems. As an Elvaloy®-modified PVC, it performs strongly in all climates and gives strong, rugged protection against the harshest outdoor elements. Flexion lowers your heating and cooling bills so that you get great energy savings year-round. Its chemical and fire resistance make it ideal for new or existing roof applications. A 20-year non-prorated warranty backs up the product’s premium strength and durability.

FL Silicone


Puma XL




Deteriorated Ruined Leaky Old Roof Holes 2
New Clean Rubber reflective roofing membrane system 7
Deteriorated Ruined Leaky Old Roof Holes 2 (1)
New Clean Rubber reflective roofing membrane system 11
Deteriorated Ruined Leaky Old Roof Holes 3
New Clean Rubber reflective roofing membrane system 5
New Clean Rubber reflective roofing membrane system 9

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