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Conklin Roofing Team Work Installation

The Top Choice Team

By joining the Top Choice Team, you will be part of an extensive network of professional, highly trained business owners that will help you get started on becoming your own boss. The resources made available to you will prove invaluable.


Roofers will receive extensive on the job training from our network of our experienced roofers. This training will cover the range of services and products provided by  Top Choice and Conklin Roofers.

Metal Roofing Crew Installation
Metal Roof Success

Career Advancement

Aside from onsite training, Top Choice Roofers have access and the ability to participate in a 3 Day Business Seminar as well as a 6 month Top Choice Power Sales University Training program. With this training, you will become an expert at your craft, propelling yourself to an experienced professional.

Special Benefits

Top Choice Roofers will have access to incredible benefits within the system that include but not limited to commission based of branch areas, measuring and bid assistance, lead forwarding, discounts on roofing supplies you provide and more.

Conklin Roof Check List
Metal Roof Handshake Deal


By participating in our referrals program, not only will your colleagues begin to reap the benefits of joining the Top Choice Roofers team, but you will be rewarded for each referral you bring in. If you have anyone in mind that may be interested, contact them today to get started on a new opportunity together.